Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
Sport | By Patty Hardy

David Akers trolls Cowboys fans announcing Eagles pick

Miami took Mike Gesicki, of Penn State, with the 42nd overall pick. The Eagles are quarterbacked by former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz - the No. 2 overall pick in 2016 - and have Sioux Falls native and former University of Nebraska safety Nate Gerry in their defensive back corps, a fifth-round pick in 2017. If that isn't a LOL.

The Eagles went through day one pretty quiet as they ending up trading out of the first round.

The Eagles apparently are comfortable with Sweat's health, and now add a disruptive player off the edge to the defensive rotation.

Goedert was known to many as the top tight end in this year's draft. His career yards-per-catch average is 15.1. "Dallas is a blue-collar kid that works extremely hard". "We heard you in Philly past year".

Philly gets in front of the Cowboys, and then takes the best tight end available, who is named Dallas!

"Beating man coverage is a lot like driving to the hole, doing a crossover to get by somebody", Goedert said. And he figured it would be the Eagles. Burton and Celek's contributions will need to get filled and Goedert has the versatility to fill both of their spots. "I had quite a bit of contact with them".

The story of the 2018 NFL Draft is not the first round starting and ending with Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks. But that didn't prevent him from being a durable player in college who was cleared by the Eagles' medical staff as someone who should be ready to roll right away.

"It's a unique position because there's run and pass involved", Pederson said.

"The ones I talked to, they don't really think there's going to be very much of a learning curve", he said.

The questions about Goedert, at least as a receiver, relate more to his level of competition than to his skills.

The Eagles traded ahead of the Dallas Cowboys (who held pick 50). The Cowboys settled for offensive tackle Connor Williams. And world champs! The world champs!

"Hey Dallas, the last time you were in the Super Bowl, these draft picks weren't born", Akers shouted before announcing the selection.

About the only area where Goedert came up short in was history.

Goedert is confident he can develop into a top-flight tight end in the National Football League, using Wentz and former Northern Iowa running back David Johnson as examples of former Valley players who have thrived in the NFL. Day two was different for the Birds though. The Eagles complete the draft Saturday.

The Eagles next pick is in the fourth round at pick 125.

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