Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
Science | By Celia Watts

Fortnite TV Emergency Broadcast Points To Meteor Crash

Fortnite TV Emergency Broadcast Points To Meteor Crash

This latest teaser has everyone opening their minds about what the infamous Fortnite meteor could really mean for the future of the game. Some players even noted that there was a UFO in the sky, suggesting that there could be a possible alien invasion.

Fortnite, specifically its Battle Royale spin-off mode, has been blowing up since its release past year in both players and monthly revenue. Yesterday's emergency broadcast [VIDEO] in "Fornite" got players excited for what was to come. Either way, Epic is doing a great job of keeping the community on tenterhooks and it looks like we're a matter of days from finding out. It's unclear at this point whether Season 4 will launch directly afterward, but it's clear that it won't be too long of a downtime before the launch. The caption says, "Battle". Many people may be disappointed that Tilted Towers will not be destroyed, but are still anxious to see what Epic Games has in store for them. What might be more of a surprise is that the meteors are destructive to both structures and players.

Different theories can arise after seeing this superhero image.

At the time of writing, there is no official word on when Season 4 will begin, with week 10 of season 3 just getting underway. Superheroes have been a popular subject for some time and "Fortnite" would be an even more popular game with players if certain superheroes or certain superhero abilities were incorporated into the next season.

Ohio's Ashland University has announced that their esports program is adding Fortnite's Battle Royale mode to its offerings this autumn, as revealed by head coach Josh Buchanan, meaning that it'll be the first known collegiate program in the USA to add the game to its official esports program.

Something that may delay the start of season 4 is its battle pass.

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