Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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Madonna Loses a Bid to Prevent Auction of Personal Memorabilia

Madonna Loses a Bid to Prevent Auction of Personal Memorabilia

According to Reuters, the items had originally been listed for sale at auction past year, but Madge filed a temporary restraining order against the ny auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

Last year Madonna obtained a temporary injunction to block the sale of her one-time possessions - which also included an old hairbrush complete with hair and a pair of the star's trousers - which had been put up for sale by her former friend Darlene Lutz.

Tupac sent the letter to Madonna from jail where he was serving time for sexual assault claiming that it would hurt his image if he continued on in a relationship with a white woman.

"For you to be seen with a black man wouldn't in any way jeopardize your career, if anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting", Shakur wrote. Madonna also signed a release shielding Ms Lutz from any future claims as part of a settlement over artwork in 2004, Judge...

Other items included in this collection were silk underwear belonging to the star and a hairbrush with strands of her hair.

Madonna had claimed in her lawsuit that she did not know Lutz was in possession of the personal letter until she heard about the auction previous year.

The letter, which can be read in part here, contained musings from the late rap legend about the circumstances of the once power couple's breakup.

"It's a clear cut victory for us", Gotta Have It! online auction house co-owner Ed Kosinski said.

Madonna failed to stop her longtime friend and auctioneer Darlene Lutz to stop the sale, which was stopped temporarily pending the outcome of the matter.

The auction house released a statement on Monday, saying: "We did substantial due diligence when we took all the Madonna items for auction. And all the high-priced attorneys she hired couldn't change that fact", Jeffrey Haas, an attorney for the auction house added.

Fans can place their bids again in July when the items go back on sale.

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