Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
Science | By Celia Watts

Spotify revamps free offering to prime future conversions

Spotify revamps free offering to prime future conversions

These features were detailed today (April 24) by Babar Zafar, the vice president of product development, who explained how the company believes these features will grow Spotify's free user count, which, in turn, creates more paying users. Outside of those 15 playlists, listeners will still have to deal with shuffled playback. With the new version, users can listen on-demand to whatever song they want, as many times as they want, as long as those songs appear on one of the 15 personalized discovery playlists.

It also has a "data saver" mode that it says will save up to 75% on mobile data while streaming.

Spotify's Vice President of Growth Babar Zafar demos Spotify's new new ad supported mobile version at a news conference in NY. The company was expected to reveal beefed-up features to its free mobile listening, its main gateway to recruiting paying subscribers, as well as possibly its first in-house hardware. "We're doing this because we know it will drive growth: the better our free experience the more likely it is that free users will become premium users". There is still no offline mode for free users.

Spotify's also aware that the mobile experience hasn't changed since the app launched in 2014, and that data caps play a huge role in what you listen to.

Spotify allows users to create and customise their own playlists and browse content using parameters such genre, artist and album searches.

In the wake of Spotify's recent IPO, you may think the company would focus mostly on their paid customers to boost revenue.

Spotify now has approximately 159 million users, 71 million of whom use paid subscription services.

Spotify is positioning its free service as a competitor to terrestrial radio worldwide, not to mention more direct competitors such as Apple Music, and that Spotify pays more to artists and rights holders than terrestrial commercial radio does.

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