Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Tim Cook to meet with President Trump as China tensions rise

Tim Cook to meet with President Trump as China tensions rise

Cook urged calm and called for more open trade after Trump announced he would impose tariffs on certain Chinese imports, and China retaliated with tariffs on U.S. imports.

Apple, the world's largest technology company, and other hardware makers have deep ties with China, where many of their products are built for export around the world.

Tim Cook is scheduled to meet with President Trump on Wednesday, a day after Apple's CEO attended the president's first state dinner.

Last month, Trump slapped $50 billion worth of tariffs on 1,300 Chinese products, reflecting the high technology items in the US that have been targeted by China as part of its "Made in China 2025" campaign.

The meeting is set for 1:45 p.m. Washington time and will be closed to the press, according to a schedule released by the White House that offered no hint about what the two men might discuss.

China is a key market for Apple as it is for many other companies.

Apple has not returned a request for comment about Wednesday's meeting.

The president frequently uses Cook and Apple as an example of how he says his tax cut package is creating jobs. Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson, now Apple's vice president for environment, policy and social initiatives, also attended.

Cook, an Alabama native, was among the 125 attendees for Trump's first state dinner Tuesday night, when the President and First Lady hosted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Besides Cook, other industry titans including Rupert Murdoch were at the event.

In addition to his concerns about trade, Cook has publicly objected to the president's decision to end a programme protecting from deportation young immigrants who were brought illegally to the United States as children.

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