Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Yemen Houthi political leader killed in air raid

Yemen Houthi political leader killed in air raid

Meanwhile, Houthi militias have confirmed the killing of the head of their political council Saleh Ali al-Sammad in a coalition raid in south of al-Hudaydah province.

This is the latest in a series of Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians over three years of war in Yemen.

Elsewhere in Yemen on Monday, five pro-government soldiers were killed and 19 wounded in clashes with jihadists in the southern city of Taez, medics said.

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes are behind 61% of all civilian casualties in Yemen's war, according to the United Nations human rights office. Indiscriminate shelling and small weapons fire by the Houthi rebels are responsible for most of the remaining dead, according to the report.

Guterres called for a prompt, effective and transparent investigation into such attacks and urged the rival parties in Yemen to comply with global humanitarian law to protect civilians.

More than 55 people were wounded in the attack in Alraqqah, a remote village in Hajjah province, health officials said.

Sayyed AbdulMalik al-Houthi said that the people look at the Samad's sacrifices an incentive for giving more, steadfastness and strengthening the internal front.

"Tens have been killed and the final toll for victims is still not clear".

He also said that coalition forces have a legal and moral commitment to protect civilians and civilian objects, in addition to taking all precautionary and preventive measures to ensure that the effects of conflict doesn't harm civilians. "But it is clear that such incidents continue to shock, and that is why it is so important that there is an independent thorough investigation", said the spokeswoman. In televised footage, widely shared online, a crying child in a green shirt is seen clutching the body of his father, refusing to allow responders to take them to a hospital.

Residents and medics told Reuters that 20 people attending the celebration were killed and at least 30 injured.

A United States senator condemned American involvement in Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, who along with Utah Republican Sen.

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