Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

British watchdog group orders Cambridge Analytica to hand over data

British watchdog group orders Cambridge Analytica to hand over data

Another day, another survey that shows the privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica - in which the data consulting firm accessed the information of tens of millions of Facebook users without their permission - has not prompted a mass exodus from the social media site.

That's the question being tested by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which has demanded that Cambridge Analytica agent SCL Elections Limited hand over everything it has on file for American professor David Carroll. "It is important that Professor Carroll, and other members of the public, understand what personal data Cambridge Analytica held and how they analysed it".

The decision paves the way for 240 million people to request for their data back from Cambridge Analytica under British data protection laws.

You are probably aware of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal that has been clouding Facebook over the past few weeks.

"The ICO's decision will provide us all with answers about what Cambridge Analytica did with people's data, how it was used and who it was given to", said Carroll's United Kingdom lawyer Ravi Naik.

Cambridge Analytica, which ran data for President Donald Trump's campaign, has been at the center of the Facebook scandal over online privacy leading it to shut down operations Wednesday.

Facebook said its own investigation into the company's use of its data would continue. "We were always confident that he was in the right to request his data, and are very pleased that the ICO has confirmed his position".

The poll, released Sunday, coincided with a report by the Guardian that Facebook lagged in making sure that Cambridge Analytica deleted all the data it bought for political purposes from Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan.

Facebook admitted that the data of up to 87 million users was passed on illegally to Cambridge Analytica. Once the data was collected by the firm, it was then used to create tailored political ads. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been subpoenaed to testify before Congress and Parliament.

Cambridge Analytica had also tried to deny the regulator's jurisdiction.

The ICO issued the order on Friday, giving the organisation 30 days to comply, saying it was a "criminal offence" if it went ignored.

Cambridge had fobbed off the his request for more detail, which led to the deliberation that concluded on Saturday.

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