Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Money | By Bruce West

Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

Look! Amazon Go Stores Set To Open In Chicago & San Francisco

In February, Recode reported that Amazon was in talks with a Los Angeles developer about placing a store there, and that it might also open new locations in Seattle. A specific timeline for the IL store is unknown at this time. This time around it involves the Amazon Go Stores, which has been in Seattle for some time and has had great responses.

Amazon plans to open cashierless stores in Chicago and San Francisco, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"As Amazon continues its aggressive expansion and historic innovation, many US cities are being treated to remarkable perks, including Free two-hour alcohol delivery, self-checkout grocery stores, and unlabeled, unpackaged returns to Kohl's". It is recently reported that Amazon had its eye on an Amazon Go location in San Francisco's Union Square neighborhood. That store opened to the public in January.

While the Amazon Go store in Seattle doesn't bear Whole Foods' branding, it does stock plenty of the store's signature 365 brand products. (NASDAQ:AMZN) likes what it sees from its futuristic cashierless store concept.

Once inside, cameras in the ceiling, sensors on the shelves and a massive amount of computing power track every item they pick up and what goes into their pockets or bags.

Customers simply have to download the Amazon Go app and scan a unique barcode that automatically identifies them when they walk into a store. "No lines, no checkout", according to the company.

There are no cashiers but there are plenty of human employees restocking shelves, checking ID for wines, and working security.

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