Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
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No talks while terrorist activities continue, India hits out at Pakistan

No talks while terrorist activities continue, India hits out at Pakistan

India's government was not a signatory to the nuclear deal, but New Delhi announced this week that it will not honor the US sanctions and will continue to import Iranian oil and engage in other business with Iran.

Iran's foreign minister has said the details concerning the implementation of European Union proposals for keeping Tehran committed to Iran's nuclear deal with world powers (JCPOA) are not yet clear.

Swaraj, asked at a news conference whether USA action against Iran and Venezuela would damage India, said the country would not make foreign policy "under pressure".

Russian Federation and France, both signatories to the nuclear deal, have vowed to keep upholding it and have been working with Tehran to find ways to help their businesses avoid USA sanctions.

Iran and India enjoy deep relations in political and economic sectors.

On Monday, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said India is always ready for talks but with a caveat that terror and talks can not go together. The return of severe United States sanctions on Iran is about as welcome in Delhi as a cobra in a mongoose burrow.

The 2015 agreement between Iran and world powers lifted worldwide sanctions on Tehran. "Terror and talks can not go together, be it post elections or even before", Swaraj said, reiterating New Delhi's long-standing position on dialogue with Islamabad. Now India has to readopt those workarounds on payment and shipping insurance because global shipping operators and tanker owners are pulling back from Iran-related business even before the new sanctions take effect on November 4.

Of course, getting around U.S. sanctions imposes costs, but Iran can sacrifice say 15% of its oil profits for the sake of continuing to do business.

Zarif said that the USA new strategies vis-a-vis Iran will lead to greater isolation of Washington among the worldwide community.

"It is quite natural of this atmosphere to let Iran have different scenarios for continuing cooperation with its allies; so this visit had two major accomplishments; one was to recount our stances on USA withdrawal from the nuclear agreement of July 14, 2015, and the other to discuss mechanisms to continue trade and interaction between Iran and India", he affirmed. They have said that, as long as Iran is able to continuing selling its oil around the world, Tehran will honor the nuclear deal.

Swaraj also emphasised that there can not be talks with Pakistan when the country was pushing terrorists to India and when funeral processions were taking place on the border.

India does $115 bn in annual trade with the U.S., but that with Iran is $13 bn a year.

India has pledged to invest more than $500 million to develop the strategically important Chabahar Port, which is critical to India's outreach to Afghanistan and wider Central Asia.

Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently said that any call for peace by Pakistan will be taken seriously by India.

"Total has 60 days to negotiate with the US administration while the French government can also use these 60 days to negotiate with the USA administration so that Total can stay in Iran", Zanganeh said in a statement, according to The Financial Times.

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