Published: Sun, May 06, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

South Korea prevents activists from launching anti-Pyongyang leaflets to North Korea

South Korea prevents activists from launching anti-Pyongyang leaflets to North Korea

President Donald Trump on Friday said the date and location have been set for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, building suspense for the unprecedented talks, as South Korea said it would oppose a withdrawal of United States troops from the area.

North and South Korea agreed in a joint statement at the historic inter-Korean summit on April 27th that they will stop all hostile acts along the border, including the leaflet campaign.

Tension has been high on the flashpoint peninsula since previous year when the North carried its sixth - and most powerful - atomic test and test-fired missiles capable of reaching the USA mainland.

'I won't use the rhetoric now, ' he said.

"As they will see once they visit, there are two more tunnels (in the test site) that are even bigger ... and they are in good condition", he was quoted as saying.

Earlier on Friday, Trump said that a time and a place had been set for the meeting with Kim, although he did not provide any details.

Kim's demands and intentions remain uncertain, meaning contemplation by Trump to remove the troops could prove quixotic.

"Now I'm trying to calm it down a little bit", Trump said.

"No, strength is going to keep us out of nuclear war, not going to get us in!" he added.

The Trump administration is also engaged in efforts to secure the release of three Americans imprisoned in North Korea.

The White House hasn't said whether Trump is willing to place USA troop levels on the negotiating table when he meets with Kim.

The gesture comes after Kim and Moon held a historic meeting, making progress towards achieving peace on the peninsula.

The North once invited foreign observers and journalists to its main Yongbyon atomic complex in 2008 when it destroyed an aged cooling tower - with the dramatic explosion televised globally within hours.

Although South Korea's navy and air force are superior to the North's, North Korea has a much bigger army, including stockpiles of chemical and nuclear weapons and huge batteries of artillery, rockets and missiles that could hit Seoul, a city of 10 million people.

Trump and President Moon Jae-in's meeting marks the third summit for the pair. "I think a lot of great things will happen".

Preparations for a Trump-Kim meeting have gained momentum since the Korean summit a week ago, which saw Pyongyang and Seoul promise to pursue the complete denuclearization of the peninsula and a permanent peace.

But the phrase is a diplomatic euphemism open to interpretation on both sides.

"We believe it means that he will actively engage in the harmony and accord with the worldwide community and shows the determination to remove barriers which can be created in the process of expected exchanges and cooperations between the two Koreas and the North and the USA", spokesperson Yoon said.

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