Published: Wed, May 02, 2018
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Terry Rozier explains why he wore Drew Bledsoe jersey to arena

Terry Rozier explains why he wore Drew Bledsoe jersey to arena

Terry Rozier's play speaks for itself.

Terry Rozier paid tribute to former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe before the Boston Celtics began their second round playoff series on Monday night, but anyone who has been paying attention to the National Basketball Association postseason knows there was a lot more to it than that.

So regardless of where you stand on the Bledsoe-Rozier beef, you have to admit that Rozier got the last laugh.

During the first round, Rozier referred to Eric Bledsoe as "Drew" - perhaps by accident but most likely not. Throughout the entire series with the Bucks, Rozier and Bledsoe were in a complete war of words off the court. You don't see too many of around these parts anymore.

If Rozier wants to replicate his slip of the tongue, the Sixers offer their own target.

They came to blows on the floor and bad-mouthed one another in post-game interviews but once the buzzer sounded on a thrilling series, the pair embraced and settled their differences in a classy manner.

That moment was Monday night. He then outplayed Eric Bledsoe in Game 2, clearly irking the Bucks guard, who said he didn't know who Rozier was postgame.

The former Patriots quarterback, who recorded a video for the Celtics to play during Game 7 against the Bucks, was a fan of Rozier's move on Monday night. After the win, he took another little jab at the lesser-known Bledsoe. After Rozier's monster Game 1 performance, which included seven 3-pointers on nine attempts, the ex-Patriots QB tweeted out a screengrab of Rozier rocking his jersey with the caption, "This jersey ALWAYS loved the long ball!"

"I got love for my man Drew Bledsoe", he said after the game.

"I think he knows who I am and I know who he is, so that's all that matters".

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