Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

These Are the Best Public High Schools in MA

These Are the Best Public High Schools in MA

Basis Schools took the top five spots on U.S. News and World Report's annual rankings, released Wednesday. The top states with more than 25 percent of their public high schools receiving gold or silver medals were MA and California. Other locally ranked high schools include Homewood at No. 3; Oak Mountain at No. 5, Vestavia Hills at No. 6; Spain Park at No. 14; and Hoover at No. 26.

Only two percent of the nation's high schools earn gold medal status, with 11 percent - including Ocean Springs - gaining silver medal recognition. It is a silver medal school.

Examining whether each school's relative performance in its state reading and mathematics assessments exceeded expectations, factoring in the proportion of its student body that is economically disadvantaged and projected to score lower. U.S. News ranked it 44th among Pennsylvania high schools. Peoria's graduation rate was 96 percent.

Three Northwest Arkansas high schools remained in Arkansas' top 10: Arkansas Arts Academy, Rogers High School and Fayetteville High School. Nationally, it ranks 1,473rd out of more than 20,000 high schools.

High Technology High School, a small Monmouth County academy with selective enrollment placed 22nd, the highest ranking among New Jersey Schools.

The full U.S. News rankings can be found here.

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