Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in San Diego

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in San Diego

"If we do our duty to prosecute most cases, then children inevitably for a period of time might be held", Sessions said, speaking over shouts from a protestor with a bull-horn and mariachi music played by a band on the Mexico side.

Crossing the US border without authorization is already a misdemeanor on the first offense, and can be a felony for people who have been previously taken out of the U.S.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will visit the U.S. Mexico-border in San Diego on Monday to discuss the immigration enforcement efforts of the Trump Administration.

By prosecuting adults and then treating their children as unaccompanied minors at the border, families would be separated as children are placed in shelters or with family while their cases for asylum are considered.

Sessions said the US will put in place a "zero tolerance policy for illegal entry on our southwest border". "If you are smuggling a child, we will prosecute you, and that child may be separated from you, as required by law".

Last week, Sessions announced that the Justice Department was sending 35 assistant US attorneys to the southwestern border to to "prosecute illegal entries into our country", while 18 immigration judges would focus "full time" on clearing a backlog of asylum claims. "But we can not take everyone on this planet who is in a hard situation".

The new policy is being implemented with the goal of a 100% prosecution rate for all that enter the USA illegally, officials said. "Attorney General Sessions continues to abuse his authority to expedite removals and deprive detained immigrants of legal counseling and due process, which further highlights this administration's hostility towards immigrant communities".

On Monday, Sessions said the Trump administration's actions were necessary because of "massive increases in illegal crossings in recent months".

The attorney general previously spoke out about the caravan last week when federal prosecutors alleged that 11 of the immigrants had tried to cross the border illegally under the cover of darkness.

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