Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Science | By Celia Watts

Bear Shot Dead As Lions, Tigers And Jaguar Escape German Zoo

Bear Shot Dead As Lions, Tigers And Jaguar Escape German Zoo

A recent storm caused damage in some parts of the region, though it was unclear whether the animals escaped because of damage caused by the storm.

It is unclear what circumstances lead to the bear's death.

Numerous police, zookeepers, and firefighters are combing the zoo looking for the animals before they wandered into the town.

Eifel Zoo has nearly 400 animals of 60 exotic and native species, including lions, tigers, and other big cats on its 30-acre site. It is home to some 400 animals, including around 60 exotic and native animals, according to Eifel Zoo's site.

According to the German broadcaster, heavy rain meant the water level increased and nearly the "entire zoo was flooded".

Two years ago two lions broke out of their cages in a zoo in Leipzig, one was safely captured whilst the other was shot dead.

He said a bear had been shot.

Most were found on the grounds of the zoo and returned to their cages.

Exact details of how the animals managed to escape or exactly when they got out were not clear.

In the end, a drone sighted the remaining escapees inside the zoo compound.

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