Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
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Everything We Know So Far About Marvel’s Avengers 4

Everything We Know So Far About Marvel’s Avengers 4

In terms of storytelling and considering Avengers 4 is the end of this chapter in the MCU, does it makes more sense that the initial team made it through to the end? So even though we might know everything Feige thinks we need to know at this point, it's not surprising that fans aren't satisfied with just that. While this review won't contain any specific plot spoilers, it will cover the successes of the film, mainly the importance of family, Wasp's new role, the remarkably human villain Ghost, and why, out of every film Marvel has ever made, this one feels like the most flawless for families to see together. He later said, "I think there is reference to that in the comic as well that Valkyrie is bi". Disney But, as you'd expect, the two-year blackout finally ends between the three.

Long before Avengers: Infinity War launched in cinemas on April 27, fans have wondered what Avengers 4 is titled.

The 2015 movie featured Evangeline Lilly's Hope van Dyne as a wannabe superhero and she returns in the sequel leaner, meaner and ready to step up on an equal footing with Paul Rudd's Ant-Man. I wish there was more Wasp in the movie, honestly.

As for the characters we haven't seen, we will just have to wait and see. And a lot of genre films were so relatable because they were coded to represent marginalized communities and were essential to get people to empathize and see the perspectives of others in a way that reflected it's time.

We know these core characters and actors will appear: Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow/Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner).

The latest film, Ant-Man and The Wasp, has been criticized for being set in San Francisco, a landmark city for gay rights with a large LGBTQ population, none of whom are represented in the film.

"I was like, 'Are they going to give me a movie?" But considering the other movies and shows make violating The Accords feel like a "high treason" kind of thing it seems odd Scott Lang just has to wear an ankle monitor and not go beyond his yard. It's a classic that according to Feige, everyone making superhero movies should be taking inspiration from. Empathy is a great word that you're saying and Ryan Coogler used to say something great when people would ask him, 'Will non-people of color be able to see this movie?' and he was like 'Yes.

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