Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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Giuliani: President Trump Has Constitutional Authority To Pardon Himself

Giuliani: President Trump Has Constitutional Authority To Pardon Himself

When asked by NBC's Chuck Todd whether he was asserting that the President has the power to end "any federal investigation", Giuliani replied "Yeah, that is pretty clear". Asked whether a president can't obstruct justice, Giuliani said he doesn't know how a court would resolve that question and "you never want to say he can't ever because you open too wide a flood gate".

Giuliani said Trump's lawyers would tell Mueller's team that "you've got everything you need, 1.4 million documents, 28 witnesses" to conclude its investigation.

The ex-mayor's comments come after the New York Times revealed the existence of a 20-page letter sent by Trump's legal team to Special Counsel Robert Mueller arguing that the president can't obstruct an investigation because he has the power to "terminate" it and can "exercise his power to pardon".

As Axios reported, Russian Federation investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller is believed to have Trump under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, particularly for Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey in May of 2017.

On the same show, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the president "should not" pardon himself.

Mueller's investigation has so far resulted in the guilty pleas of five people, including three former Trump campaign staffers, and the indictment of 14 other people and three companies.

Trump also said he was considering pardoning lifestyle maven Martha Stewart and commuting the prison sentence of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, convicted of corruption charges.

The document outlines the president's legal strategy and argues that Trump can not be indicted, subpoenaed or found guilty of obstruction of justice because he is the nation's "chief law enforcement officer". "If he's making an implicit threat that he could escalate this with pardons, there's nothing in the letter to indicate that he's not willing to pardon himself".

Numerous legal issues the president's team raised have little precedent, legal analysts said.

Mueller is wary of overstepping his authority just months before the midterm elections, Giuliani said.

Preet Bharara. U.S. Attorney for Southern District of NY.

President Donald Trump's lawyers have made a bold assertion of presidential power. The New York Times published the January 29 letter this weekend.

A special counsel is investigating Russia's role in the 2016 election, and whether Mr Trump obstructed justice.

"The Department of Justice is a creature of the president". "They were trying to make a broad argument". The roots of that probe have been under intense scrutiny, after recent revelations that the FBI used at least one spy to infiltrate Trump's campaign well before the investigation officially started.

"Most likely, a Trump self-pardon would spark a battle between those who believe it's legal, simply because it's not specifically forbidden in the Constitution - and those who believe it's illegal, because it offends traditional legal sensibilities", she writes. "I don't think a president should pardon themselves", he told CNN's "State of the Union".

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