Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
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GOP's Gowdy rejects Trump's 'spy' claim, defends FBI probe

GOP's Gowdy rejects Trump's 'spy' claim, defends FBI probe

Amid news that President Donald Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rethink his decision to step back from the Russian Federation investigation, MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson argued that the former Alabama senator would never turn on the president.

In a discussion surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Russian Federation investigation, Scarborough slammed Trump for his criticism of Session's recusal despite the president praising him effusively in the past. "There are lots of really good lawyers in the country, he could have picked somebody else!" "And I wish I did!", Trump wrote in his third tweet.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Trump asked Sessions in March 2017 to reverse the decision to recuse himself, and that Mueller is now investigating that request as part of his inquiry into whether Trump sought to obstruct the Russian Federation probe.

Trump has been angry at Sessions for failing to protect him from the DOJ investigation into any links between his presidential campaign and Russian officials, who worked to get Trump elected.

"They don't like him, they don't think he should be in the office, and they think they know better than you and me - we that voted for him", Nunberg insisted. Without public pushback from GOP leaders, Republicans will fall in line behind their president, and Americans will be left with the impression that Mr. Trump's relentless manipulation is a case of he-said, she-said, with merit on both sides.

U.S. officials have disputed this characterization to CNN, saying a confidential intelligence source was not planted inside the campaign. But he noted that the current top officials at the agencies, including FBI Director Chris Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, "now are all Trump appointees".

But Gowdy admitted he found it odd that the Federal Bureau of Investigation didn't offer Trump a defensive briefing during the campaign to notify him of his three campaign officials' Russian contacts. "I've never heard the term "spy" used", he told "CBS This Morning". Gowdy said on CBS on Wednesday morning that he thought Trump asking Sessions to undo his recusal wasn't obstruction of justice.

Gonzales on Thursday also said he finds the language used by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in referring to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as a "lynching mob" is "disappointing".

In the meantime, Jeff Sessions has offered no hints that he may eventually resign from his post.

GREENE: So I just want to ask, if President Bush had publicly said he wished he had a different attorney general, how would you have reacted to that?

According to one of Axios' sources, Trump also encouraged Sessions to open an investigation into Hillary Clinton, who continues to be the subject of "lock her up chants" at Trump rallies.

"Given his history at the Department of Justice and just given the wonderful service he's given to the people of NY, I'm surprised", he said. Comey documented conversations with Trump in the weeks leading up to his dismissal in a series of memos. Trump ultimately said it himself when announcing the firing. The men's meeting on the matter in March 2017 hadn't been previously reported.

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