Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
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Kanye West's new album mentions Trump, Stormy Daniels, Tristan Thompson

Kanye West's new album mentions Trump, Stormy Daniels, Tristan Thompson

Maybe you've read that the cover of Pusha-T's new album "Daytona" is a picture of Whitney Houston's bathroom counter littered with the residue of her hard-partying lifestyle. It's certainly one of the more unique venues to have had an event like this, and the handsome location apparently inspired West to take up his iPhone camera and get his own landscape images.

YE, which has references to West's struggles with mental health as well as his experiences with the psychedelic drug 2C-B, is West's eighth solo studio album and his first full-length project since 2016's The Life of Pablo.

Words on the album art reads "I hate being Bi-Polar /It's awesome". All you have to do is download the app called Stationhead, and stay tuned.

The 7-track album includes songs like "I Thought About Killing You", "Yikes" and "All Mine". She's just in the stage of 'but I love him!' Until then, let her pretend he's changed and they'll be a happy family.

On "Wouldn't Leave", a track that wouldn't be out of place on Jay-Z's conciliatory 4:44, West admits that his antics are at odds with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

"All Mine" contains one of the biggest talker lines, dedicated to National Basketball Association star and recent J.R. Smith victim Tristan Thompson, who recently caught all the darts in the chest for cheating on West's sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant. Let's get into five of the biggest takeaways from ye. "No caller ID. 'Yo, I think we should change the artwork...'" Pusha said that he "loves" Kanye's choice.

"Russell Simmons wanna pray for me too / Imma pray for him cuz he got #MeToo'd / Thinkin' what if that happened to me too". "This is what they mean for better or for worse, huh?"

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