Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Mourinho makes his predictions for the World Cup

Mourinho makes his predictions for the World Cup

"But when you are a good player and a brilliant midfielder like he is, he is going to do well, and he is going to be good for Manchester United and they will be good for him".

"I want my players to win, but I also want my players to go on holiday".

In Group A, he reckons Uruguay will top the group, with the hosts Russian Federation getting that second spot and qualifying for the knockout stage.

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Spain and his country Portugal are the two teams he fancies progressing in Group B, in what is probably the easiest group to decide. The duo face off in their opening game of the tournament. But he expects second spot to be more of a battle, plumping for Australia to end the group second.

An African team is set to breach the last-16 in Nigeria, according to the coach, and he foresees them following Argentina out of Group D whereas Group E will see Brazil and Switzerland qualify.

Mourinho has predicted Brazil and Switzerland will qualify from Group E so Matic, who will be part of Serbia's squad in Russian Federation, can have an extended break before the new season.

In Group F, he said champions Germany will be accompanied into the second round with Mexico while in Group G, he tipped England to top - where they would be paired with Poland in the knockout stage.

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