Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Officials got it right on charge call at end of Game 1

Officials got it right on charge call at end of Game 1

After a thrilling Warriors overtime victory in Game 1- featuring controversial calls by the referees, a 51-point performance by LeBron James, and a meme-worthy blunder by his Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith-fan excitement is heating up.

Social media users were turning LeBron James' frustrated reaction to his teammate J.R. Smith's error during Game 1 of the NBA Championship on Thursday into internet gold.

But, of course, Twitter took it to the next level with an explosion of equally imaginative and hilarious memes mocking Smith's obliviousness.

With 4.7 seconds on the clock, George Hill made the first of two free throws following a Klay Thompson foul, but Smith - presumably believing the Cavs were in front - did not take advantage of the rebound on Hill's second shot, instead dribbling up the court in what appeared to be an effort to run the clock.

The much-maligned Cavaliers' defense has shown up in the postseason, where Cleveland is allowing just 99.9 points per game, second among the 16 teams.

Of course, Smith's goof had several National Basketball Association players abuzz on Twitter. James was calling for the ball that entire time and could only hold his arms out in shock before walking back to the huddle for overtime.

When asked whether Smith thought the Cavs were up or tied with the Warriors, LeBron's abrupt answer says it all: "How would I know that?" I don't know how frustrated I was after a loss in the past.

I just moved from the Bay Area to OH and I can say that fans from both areas seem to have mild enthusiasm for this series, with the expectation that this might get to a fifth game. I'm pretty sure everybody didn't think I was going to shoot it over K.D. right there. I looked over at LeBron and he looked like he was trying to get a timeout. "Luckily, I was able to finish the game". "I knew we were tied. So I wasn't trying to be the fifth".

Hill took exception to a reporter suggesting the Cavs were "demoralized" after Game 1 slipped away.

Thompson shoved the ball into Draymond Green's face at the end of the game following a flagrant 2 foul, which resulted in an ejection.

There were several calls down the stretch that angered James, with the biggest coming after James drove past Stephen Curry for a three-point play that put Cleveland up 104-102 with 50 seconds left.

Durant said he had a block-charge reversal in the regular season.

"The game is over, we can't do anything about it", Lue said. While James was clearly outside the restricted area, officials also had the chance to review whether James was in legal guarding position and changed the call to a block.

"I read that play as well as I've read any play in my career, maybe in my life", James said. "I seen the play happening".

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