Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Science | By Celia Watts

UNEP Chief envisions plastic-free India

UNEP Chief envisions plastic-free India

In India, the global host country launched its official countdown to June 5 with a historic slate of activities ranging from nationwide clean-ups, to single-use plastic bans across States, Universities and National Parks.

"Plastic pollution is a huge issue everywhere", the UN's environment chief Erik Solheim told The Associated Press.

He added: "We should avoid unnecessary use of some plastic items, like straws, while we can replace them with other items which can be used a few times".

However, the report also cites a fundamental need for broader cooperation from business and private sector stakeholders, offering a roadmap for upstream solutions, including extended producer responsibility and incentives for adoption of a more circular economy approach to plastic production and consumption.

The celebration of World Environment Day started in 1974 with the goal of raising awareness, supporting action and driving change. "If present trends continue, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish", he said.

Disposable plasticDespite the many valuable uses of plastic, people everywhere have become over reliant on single-use or disposable plastic - with severe environmental consequences.

Choose a type of single-use plastic you're ready to give up.

People are being urged to take a photo of the plastic-packaged products they are giving up for One Plastic Free Day and share it on social media, saying why they have been inspired to #PassOnPlastic.

Ghana on Tuesday joined the global community to mark the World Environment Day with a call on the citizenry to all join hands in dealing with the plastic waste menace, by adopting the right attitudes towards waste management.

He commended India's commitment in overcoming the challenge of plastic pollution.

A Foodstuffs spokeswoman said it would also work with industry partners to help develop domestic markets for recovered plastics.

The event will be concluded on June 5 on World Environment Day.

Globally, about 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in oceans every year. More in detail, Mr Modi mentioned: "The choices that we make today will define our collective future".

About 79 per cent of the plastic ever made has ended up dumped, with hardly any reused or destroyed despite recycling and other initiatives to curb use, the report said.

Plastic, which is rampantly polluting our water bodies, harming marine life and posing a threat to human health, has been one of the major concerns of environmental bodies this year.

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