Published: Tue, July 31, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Barrasso Meets With Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh

Barrasso Meets With Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh

If you want a good sign of the seriousness that surrounds the confirmation fight over Brett Kavanaugh, look at how quickly the usually hard senator Rand Paul abandoned any pretense of possible opposition to Trump's second Supreme Court nominee.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) says the date is a target for the confirmation of President Trump's supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump tapped Kavanaugh, a judge on the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court earlier this month.

Paul's initial concerns over Kavanaugh involved the judge's record on privacy.

"I'm anxious about his opinion on the Fourth Amendment", Paul said a few weeks ago, speaking of the nominee.

"As the senator from West Virginia, I have a constitutional responsibility to advise and consent on a nominee to fill Supreme Court vacancies and I take that responsibility seriously", he said in a statement.

The fight over documents - specifically those related to Kavanaugh's time as staff secretary - have been the central battle between Democrats and Republicans related to the nomination in recent weeks. It would force vulnerable Democrats to stay in Washington where their vote on Kavanaugh will be scrutinized, instead of campaigning in their home districts, which may be why they're fighting the idea so adamantly.

Manchin, who could be pivotal in the confirmation vote, said the pair had a "productive meeting", but he did not hint at how he will vote.

Manchin is one of a handful of vulnerable incumbent Democrats vying to hold on to his seat in the midterm election this fall. North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp and Indiana's Joe Donnelly, like Manchin, are running for re-election this year.

Senate Republicans are pledging a swift confirmation process that would elevate Kavanaugh, now a judge on the federal appeals court in Washington, before the Supreme Court's new term convenes October 1. He has also asked West Virginia residents to send him questions for the nominee.

"Hopefully most of the appropriation bills will be passed, a little better prioritization of spending, so I certainly don't like playing shut down politics", said Sen.

In HuffPost/YouGov's polling, net support for confirming Kavanaugh was 13 percentage points lower than net support for Gorsuch; that gap was 6 points in a Fox News survey and 7 points in both Pew Research and Gallup's polling. Manchin: "drop the political games, and support President Trump's highly-qualified pick for the U.S. Supreme Court".

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