Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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Cuomo warns Supreme Court: I'll sue you

Cuomo warns Supreme Court: I'll sue you

According to a Democratic pollster, Millennials do not know what Roe v. Wade is about, or when abortion was legalized, with many believing it happened after the American Revolution, almost 200 years before it was decided.

About 40 people gathered outside the Florida Supreme Court Thursday to protest against President Donald Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So where does Colorado stand?

The protesters said abortion and LGBTQ rights are on the line.

To Godsey's point, this week a New York Times story profiled the hard experiences of women who procured abortions from around the world, even in countries where the practice is largely prohibited. He frequently sided with conservatives to uphold abortion restrictions.

The plaintiffs argued that this paperwork violated their rights under a 1993 religious freedom law that requires strict scrutiny to be used to determine if the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment has been violated. Because while there's nothing on the books that could restrict abortion in Colorado, there's nothing protecting it, either.

In another major ruling, Kavanaugh dissented from a decision previous year which required the Trump Administration to facilitate an abortion for an illegal immigrant teen girl, arguing that the government has a "permissible interest in favoring fetal life, protecting the best interests of a minor, and refraining from facilitating abortion".

MS has a 15-week ban, now being challenged in federal court.

Critically, reproductive-rights advocates have another tool in their arsenal that didn't exist pre-Roe: The internet, to marshal support for preserving legal abortion and to amplify what's at stake. "Well, they elected someone who wants to do the unimaginable", Cuomo said.

"We're looking at a really deep push in states like Nevada and Colorado", said Hogue.

And not only does the upcoming election matter for Colorado, said Taylor-Nanista, but it will have a huge impact on surrounding states as well, where the risk of losing abortion rights is high.

The former Planned Parenthood CEO and avid promoter of abortion-she is even quite pleased to have had one herself-is apparently terrified by the prospect of Judge Kavanaugh being confirmed a Supreme Court justice. And most of those states have adopted policy statements that reflect fetal personhood.

Kavanaugh could play a pivotal role in deciding future cases related to abortion and the continuation of the major health care law.

Just before Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court Monday night, Cuomo unveiled a new campaign calling on the State Senate to codify Roe v. Wade into NY law, "or be voted out of office". An appeals court recently shot down the lawsuit, but the insurers are expected to file for a re-hearing in a case with implications for more than $12 billion in federal payments. What is important to me is that they say, "I will not overturn Roe v Wade" - make that very clear. "If you are in your comfort zone, you are not doing enough".

Apparently the idea of allowing individual states to decide on the legality of abortion is a frightening prospect when you're a progressive feminist like Ms. Richards, who's made no small fortune working in the abortion industry.

At the same time, Myrick says, "there are 20 states where abortion would probably remain safe and legal".

In 2017, President Trump appointed Yoest to serve as a high-ranking member in his Department of Health and Human Services, proving to conservatives that he's all-in on their strategy for stopping abortion.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. "The way you get it passed is quite simple: you get more Democrats in the Senate, so that we are the majority". Just this year, Republicans in Colorado's Senate failed to advance a bill that would have required doctors to give patients scientifically inaccurate information about abortion. Still, they indicate that preventing women from getting abortions is still a top priority for conservatives in the state.

Hogue said Kavanaugh will be different for her party, which has struggled to use the courts as a political motivator in recent years. Those bans could, at least in theory, be reinstated, although "someone would have to go into court and ask to lift that injunction", says Myrick. "This is a long-term fight".

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