Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Donald Trump demands North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries spend more on defence

Donald Trump demands North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries spend more on defence

"Frankly, Putin may be the easiest of all", as he and his wife Melania prepared to board the Marine One presidential helicopter on the White House lawn.

In March 2016 he said it was "obsolete and disproportionately too expensive" and on Monday, ahead of the summit, he suggested (on Twitter, of course), that "by some accounts, the USA is paying for 90% of Nato" and on Tuesday raged: "NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS".

Accusing the president of criticising Europe "almost daily", Mr Tusk said the European Union spent more than Russian Federation on defence and as much as China.

Referencing Trump's impending summit with Putin, Tusk on Tuesday said, "It is always worth knowing: who is your strategic friend?" He called Putin a "competitor". He says the United States is shouldering too much of the defense burden for the alliance.

"I would like to directly address President Trump, who has for a long time now been criticising Europe nearly daily, for, in his view, insufficient contributions to the common defence capabilities, and for living off the US".

While Mr Trump is looking to improve relations with Russian Federation, there has been alarm at the deteriorating climate with his allies in Europe and what he might agree to with President Putin.

Mr Trump has linked the issue of United States military spending to the EU's trade surplus with the USA, complaining that the bloc "makes it impossible for our farmers and workers and companies to do business in Europe" and then "want us to happily defend them through Nato". "Europe far more than it does the US". "If it's really a threat linking security to trade, that can destroy the basis of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation", said Stefano Stefanini, a former Italian ambassador to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, to my colleague Michael Birnbaum.

Ms Hutchison expects Mr Trump to ask Mr Putin to stop sanctioning Russian acts of "hybrid warfare". "This is not fair, nor is it acceptable", tweeted Trump on Monday morning.

"Russia's image does not only depend on organising the football world championship", European Council President Donald Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, said of Moscow's highly-regarded organisation of the soccer World Cup.

'We will be talking positively about how we can continue to work together in our special relationship for the good of people living in the UK and the United States and, actually, for the wider good'.

"I have the United Kingdom, which is in somewhat turmoil", said Trump, referring to shaken Brexit negotiations and the recent departure of several officials due to Prime Minister Theresa May's handling of Brexit negotiations.

"European allies and Canada should not increase defense spending to please the United States", Stoltenberg said.

Overall, NATO members will spend an average 2.40 percent of GDP on defense this year compared with 2.42 percent in 2017, the alliance said. "They are increasing defense spending because it's in their own security interest to do so".

Once again Donald Trump is expected to raise the question of member states' financial contributions.

Hodges said it was reasonable that Trump should exert a pressure on the allies in order to raise their defence expenditures.

"Our summit comes at a time when some are questioning the strength of the transatlantic bond and I would not be surprised if we have robust discussions at the summit, including on defense spending", Stoltenberg told reporters Tuesday.

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