Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Dr Who gets a female touch

Dr Who gets a female touch

Though, in terms of overall look, it appears as though the adventures are going to feel familiar when Doctor Who season 11 makes its debut this fall. Lord knows it was time for our first female Doctor, and things aren't just new for us-they're new for her as well.

About Whittaker's casting, Chibnall said, "I wrote three special scenes and Jodie and other people came in and read".

Despite the media noise around the change of gender for the role which accompanied the announcement of Whittaker in the role past year, the Hall H panel didn't dwell on the topic for long, instead pressing cast and producers for details of the upcoming season.

There's room for learning all around, though. She takes over for Peter Capaldi, who left as the twelfth Doctor previous year.

That's not to say Whittaker doesn't know what she stands to mean to fans.

Dressed as the 13th Doctor in suspenders and the now-iconic striped shirt, a fan named Sarah was brimming with joy at the newest Doctor being female. Some also wore their best Doctor Who costumes - men and women alike.

He said the upcoming season features writers of color for the first time, plus female guest writers, female directors and an editing team that's all female except one person. "They're tough guys", he said.

"It was a big priority for us", Strevens said, with Chibnall adding that Doctor Who is also working with a trainee scheme in Cardiff offering opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The internet's had a year to get used to the idea of Whittaker as the Doctor. And, if the Hall H audience is any indication, the fandom is ready for it.

The English actor described the Comic-Con experiences as "loud" and "amazing" and says she has felt "lots of support".

New does seem to be the operative word. "The wonderful thing about playing the Doctor is I'm playing an alien, so all those rules [about how women are expected to act] are irrelevant to the approach", she explained. It's her first time at Comic-Con, and she wanted to do it right.

The new season kicks off in the fall with a feature-length episode.

The new season gets a 10-episode run and although there is no announced release date, fans are expecting it to return in October.

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