Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Finnish Newspaper Targets Trump And Putin With Giant Billboards Lauding Free Press

Finnish Newspaper Targets Trump And Putin With Giant Billboards Lauding Free Press

A statement by Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona) had a similar sentiment: "President Trump's meeting today with Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation was an appalling display of self-serving posturing by both men".

Top Democrats including party chairman Tom Perez have urged Mr Trump to abandon the talks, saying Mr Putin was "not a friend of the United States". You know the Russians take the position - you can like it or not like it - that their Constitution forbids them to extradite Russian citizens'. He has said he would raise the issue with Putin in their summit but has suggested it would be perfunctory.

Russian state-run news and propaganda sites also quickly seized on the news, with Kremlin-controlled Sputnik News reporting that Trump had "harshly criticized Washington's policy toward Moscow".

US President Donald Trump headed into a controversial summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin on Monday insisting that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance had never been stronger or more unified.

Asked whether he had wanted Trump to win the 2016 election and had instructed officials to help him, Putin said: "Yes I did", although he denied any interference, saying the allegations were "complete nonsense".

The EU Co-President Donald Tusk seemed to disagree with Trump, calling his statement "fake news". In response, he has blamed President Obama for allowing Putin to annex Crimea from Ukraine during his administration in 2014. "It's a meeting", he said, adding that the event "is really the first time for both presidents to actually sit across the table and have a conversation, and I hope it's a detailed conversation, about where we might be able to find some overlapping and shared interests".

He told Glor that he "hadn't thought about" asking Putin for the extradition of the Russian agents, but he said he might bring it up.

Panelists on popular Sunday night talk show "Vecher", or "Evening", said Putin goes into Monday's summit in Helsinki as the clearly stronger figure, notably coming off his hosting of the World Cup.

Gowdy's advice to Trump was to press for the extradition of the Russians accused in the latest indictment and of 13 who were charged in an earlier indictment with using social media to interfere in the USA election. CBS News released excerpts Sunday, hours before Trump was set to fly to Helsinki for the summit.

But for Trump, whose White House victory was actively supported by 12 Russian military intelligence agents, according to a recent US indictment, and whose entourage is still being investigated for possible collusion with Moscow, the meeting is freighted with domestic political risk.

"I think it'd be a moot point".

Trump in a tweet is blaming the hostilities on "many years of USA foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!"

"Well, I might", Trump replied. One protester held a sign that read, "Build saunas not war!" "I think the president has made it very clear he intends to approach this discussion from a position of strength". In a CBS interview over the weekend, Trump drew little distinction between Western democracies that share history and values with the United States and authoritarian regimes in Moscow and Beijing.

Trump began his day with the host of the summit, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. His mother was born in Scotland, while his father was born in NY.

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