Published: Mon, July 23, 2018
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Florida man shot and killed over parking space

Florida man shot and killed over parking space

He explained that the burden of proof for "stand your ground" entitlement used to be on the defendant but now the State Attorney must prove that the shooter is not entitled to a "stand your ground" defense.

"I'm not saying I agree with it, but I don't make that call", Gualtieri said during a press conference.

Michael Drejka, 47, escaped a murder charge after shooting father-of-three Markeis McGlockton, 28, in the chest following a row outside a convenience store in Pinellas County near Tampa on Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance video of the incident shows that McGlockton was riding in a 2016 Chrysler 2000 driven by his girlfriend Britany Jacobs, 25, when she pulled into the parking lot of the Circle-A Food Store at 3.27pm. That's when Drejka, who is white, pulled a gun and shot McGlockton, who is black, in the chest, just a few feet from the auto, Jacobs said. The entire confrontation lasts just six seconds. He said he saw Drejka walking around his vehicle checking to see if he had a permit, which he didn't. I don't make the law.

"He had to shoot to defend himself", Pinellas county sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. "It is a largely subjective standard".

That doesn't matter, Gualtieri told reporters when he announced that Drejka wouldn't be charged.

"They look at the case at a much higher standard of proof".

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should", he said.

Florida cops won’t charge man in shocking parking lot shooting over state’s ‘stand your ground’ law

You may recall the Stand Your Ground law was changed past year.

A local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is holding a vigil Sunday for a black man who was killed Thursday in what authorities are calling a "stand your ground" shooting.

Race has long played a prominent role in the perception of the controversial law, which has been on the books in Florida since 2005. The legislature changed the law.

"This will go to the state attorney. Nowhere else is there anything like this in criminal law, where somebody asserts something and the burden then shifts to the other person".

"Before Stand Your Ground, a case like this probably would have a different outcome". That pause gives me pause.

Slate reports that Gualtieri made sure to emphasize the power of the shove, as if to justify Drejka's actions.

"This is not right and I need justice", Jacobs said while choking back tears.

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