Published: Mon, July 23, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Tensions SOAR on Israel’s northern border as missiles LAUNCHED — Israel ALERT

Tensions SOAR on Israel’s northern border as missiles LAUNCHED — Israel ALERT

Its members, known for their white helmets, say they are neutral. It posted a video online showing its soldiers handing out water bottles to the evacuees.

"Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke by phone with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel", the readout states.

Muhannad, a member of the White Helmets in southwestern Syria who was unable to reach Quneitra as part of the evacuation, told The National that around 260 civil defence workers left in the evacuation, alongside relatives that brought the number to around 500 in total.

The evacuees are being assisted by the United Nations refugee agency in Jordan, pending global resettlement, they said.

Israel was asked by the U.S. and its European partners to evacuate the volunteers and their families. The White Helmets, he said, "are the bravest of the fearless and in a desperate situation this is at least one ray of hope".

Hundreds of White Helmets volunteers have been rescued from Syria in a British-brokered moonlight evacuation through Israel and Jordan.

The White Helmets are a volunteer search and rescue organization. Their volunteers have gone into war-stricken areas, searching for survivors, winning them support from many countries, including the United States.

The group says it is politically neutral but Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his backers have said they see the White Helmets as Western-sponsored propaganda tools and proxies of Islamist-led insurgents.

"These Syrian citizens who were working in the civil defense, had fled the areas controlled by the Syrian opposition after the Syrian army's attack in those areas".

The news about the Israeli involvement came amid Tel Aviv's ongoing provision of assistance to the militants fighting the Syrian government.

The government and Russian Federation view the White Helmets as "agents" of foreign powers and have regularly accused them of staging rescue missions or chemical attacks. Moreover, now that Israel has helped the evacuation, they face a new charge of being "collaborators with Israel".

The two projectiles fell in Syrian territory, with no resulting damage or injuries on the Israeli side of the border.

Syrian government forces, which are supported by Russian Federation and Iran, have been sweeping through a swath of territory along Syria's southern border with Jordan, seizing areas that have always been held by Western-backed rebels seeking to oust President Bashar Assad of Syria.

Other White Helmets members have stayed in the south.

The group has been financed by public donations, as well as funding from foreign governments.

"The civilians were subsequently transferred to a neighboring country", it said without elaborating. Evacuation plans were accelerated after last week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels. The U.N. refugee body praised Jordan's move to give them temporary sanctuary.

They will be resettled in Britain, Canada and Germany within three months, Jordan said yesterday.

Who are the White Helmets?

Meanwhile, Syrian forces kept up their offensive, pounding the southern tip of the southwestern region where an Islamic State-affiliated group still holds territory.

Al Safadi informed Lavrov about the arrival of members of the White Helmets non-government organization to his country.

The English paper omitted that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have delivered large amounts of humanitarian aid to the refugees and are transferring wounded Syrians to Israeli hospitals.

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