Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Thai cave boys to leave hospital on Thursday

Thai cave boys to leave hospital on Thursday

Within an hour, they were on their way to Thailand to assist in the rescue mission that nearly failed.

To MedSTAR and the SA Ambulance Service for the significant assistance and support especially from Drs James Doube and Andrew Pearce.

His employer, South Australia's ambulance service, said his family's grief had been "magnified" by the physical and emotional demands of the rescue operation.

Thousands of people have called for Dr Harris and Mr Challen to be given the Cross of Valour, the nation's highest civilian bravery award. They had been missing for a week before they were located.

The survey found that most of the respondents (71.9 per cent) said they kept themselves abreast of the search and rescue operation from day one until the end, and majority (63.1 per cent ) had paid more attention to the cave saga than to the World Cup football competition.

Parents of the 12 boys made it clear they had no blame for the boys' junior coach, Ekkapon "Ake" Chantawongse.

He also stayed with the group for three days, and was reportedly the last out of the cave when all 13 were finally evacuated on July 10.

Ex-Thai Navy SEAL Samarn Kunan died while trying to deliver oxygen tanks to the trapped soccer team.

There were 20 Australians involved in the Thai-led rescue effort.

Harris said grieving his father's death at the end of the rescue was a "bittersweet moment". The survivors expressed their thanks to the Thai Navy Seal by bowing to his picture.

Adelaide anaesthetist Dr Richard Harris is mourning the death of his father, after being informed of his death shortly after the daring rescue mission wrapped up last night.

"We wish you the best for this very tough time. But we will have a psychiatrist to evaluate them".

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"I think that the children who went through this ordeal in the cave were heroes in their own right, and the Thai SEALs themselves went above and beyond - I would class them as heroes", Major Alex Rubin from the Australian Defence Force said.

"(We thought) we were there to do recoveries, so the actual outcome was unbelievably good".

"We are humbled to have been able to provide our expertise and experience to assist in this worldwide operation".

Speaking on Wednesday via Skype to Malcolm Turnbull, Dr Harris brushed off the Prime Minister's praise.

Another British diver, Rick Stanton, who was diving alongside Volanthen denied he was hero.

To avoid mental stress, they should spend at least the next month only with family and friends, avoiding media encounters that might trigger post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, the statement said. "Some of the children were quite small, so we were quite concerned about how they would hold up on the journey out". The boys had trouble sleeping, and Titan cried, because he missed his mom and dad.

Officials also released video of the rescue effort carried out by Thai Navy SEALs in the dark cave. Now, a majority of them have each gained 4 pounds since being rescued.

She has been helping Rick and the other divers throughout the rescue operation. Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has signalled the government is considering how to formally recognise the Australian team.

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