Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Trump nears decision on replacement for Supreme Court

Trump nears decision on replacement for Supreme Court

Politico reported on Monday that the liberal action group Demand Justice was investing $5 million into a shock-and-awe messaging campaign that would emphasize the threat posed to abortion rights by Trump's potential nominee. Who made the shortlist?

According to anonymously sourced media reports in outlets such as the Associated Press, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, the three people President Donald Trump is now considering to be his potential nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy are Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge. If confirmed, he will be the first Indian American and Asian American, both burgeoning sections of the America population, to become a Supreme Court judge.

WERTHEIMER: And we don't really know which ones he prefers yet or which are - but let's start with Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, two years after his nomination, they made Estrada the first appeals court nominee in history to be successfully filibustered.

LAT: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is an extremely well credentialed, highly regarded judge on the D.C. Circuit, which is really the second most important and influential court in the country after the Supreme Court.

Suddenly, the balance of the court is at stake, with no issue getting as much attention as the highly charged one of abortion. He is a graduate of the University of MI, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate degrees. He is, in many ways, a very appealing candidate.

The president said Thursday that he had narrowed his choice to four people and that he expected to make a decision by Sunday.

LAT: So it seems that many members of President Trump's base prefer Amy Coney Barrett. Hardiman is a graduate of Georgetown University and Notre Dame. This hearing not only endeared her to constitutionalists and religious conservatives but revealed the strategy of her opponents to attack her religious faith. Like four of the five Christians on the court, Barrett is a Roman Catholic. What about Barrett and Kavanaugh? But the tactical approach in question - appealing directly to the American public - speaks to the extent to which the court of popular opinion has become a formidable force in US politics in the aftermath of Trump's election. After that, he worked in another top Michigan law firm and later founded a law firm of his own based in Troy, Michigan. He's been on that court for about a decade.

Roughly 300 opinions in 12 years as a judge and a raft of legal articles and speaking engagements make Kavanaugh the most prolific of the prospective nominees. He also has a great reputation and as a former law clerk to Justice Kennedy - around the same age. He, in some ways, could be nearly like a lower risk - you could argue for conservatives a lower award perhaps than Judge Kavanaugh, in the sense that he doesn't have as much in his background that would be quite as controversial. He is actually, interestingly enough, a longtime colleague on the 3rd Circuit with Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who happens to be Donald Trump's older sister. He was a trial court judge before he joined the appeals court.

Barrett, 46, is now on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after being nominated by Trump in mid-2017 and confirmed in October.

WERTHEIMER: OK. Who's your pick?

Roger Meyers, who clerked for Kethledge from 2009 to 2010, described the judge as "a committed originalist and textualist, which means he shows no favoritism to either side in any case, and instead applies the law as it is written".

Although Cruz has depicted his championing of Lee as being motivated primarily by ideology, it may not hurt that the two of them are also good friends.

"President Trump and conservatives can be sure that Lee won't change".

Brian Fallon, Demand Justice's executive director, said the group plans spots next week in Manchin's, Donnelly's and Heitkamp's home states asking them to continue protecting patients with pre-existing conditions by opposing a nominee who'd threaten that.

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