Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Woman Missing a Week Found Alive Down a Cliff

Woman Missing a Week Found Alive Down a Cliff

A woman spent seven days injured and alone at the bottom of a California cliff after a auto crash.

Angela Hernandez was driving from Portland to Lancaster, near Los Angeles, to visit her sister Isabel when she saw on animal on the road and swerved to avoid it, sending her auto plummeting 200ft off a Big Sur cliff on July 6.

Sheriff's officials told the San Francisco Chronicle they are unsure exactly when her auto went over the cliff, but said she may have been there for several days. She had called her sister midway through the trip down from Portland, but after saying she was six hours from arriving in Lancaster, California, she suddenly disappeared from the map, according to the missing person report issued by the Monterey County Sheriff's Office. She was pulled up by ropes and taken to a hospital, he said, but her condition was not immediately known. She was spotted last on a surveillance camera at a gas station south of Carmel.

She stayed alive "by drinking water from the radiator of her vehicle", according to the Highway Patrol. It's not going to be an easy recovery.

Sheriffs said she had told her sister she would stay overnight in a auto park before continuing her journey the next morning, but they had not heard from her after 6 July.

Angela Hernandez was found alive after vanishing for a week
Angela Hernandez was found alive after vanishing for a week

"My sister survived 7 days alone 200ft down a cliff on HW1", her sister Isabel Hernandez said in a Facebook post yesterday.

Hernandez told authorities she swerved to avoid hitting an animal the morning of July 6 along the winding stretch of Highway 1.

Angela Hernandez poses with her Jeep.

Heavy fog in Monterey County hampered the search but on Friday, a couple of Big Sur campers noticed her partially submerged vehicle wreck at the bottom of a cliff and called 911.

Late Friday, two people walking in Big Sur noticed the SUV wreckage at the bottom of a cliff, Thornburg said.

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