Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Conan O'Brien Bashes Ron DeSantis With Trump-Themed Gag

Conan O'Brien Bashes Ron DeSantis With Trump-Themed Gag

"Ron DeSantis was obviously talking about Florida not making the wrong decision to embrace" Gillum's policies, Lawson said in a statement.

STEELE: I heard that he's "articulate", that he "performs well". Ron will be a fantastic Governor.

President Donald Trump's endorsement propelled DeSantis to easy victory in Tuesday's Republican primary.

If Gillum becomes governor in Florida and Democrats win majority control of the U.S. House in the midterm elections, his victory nearly certainly means the Democrats will lose whatever inhibitions they may have about impeaching the president. Bill Nelson, the only statewide Democrat, faces a tough challenge from term-limited Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

The DeSantis-Gillum matchup will be closely watched for clues about the mood of voters and messaging ahead of 2020, when Trump could be seeking re-election against a liberal Democrat. DeSantis wants to make that system even crueler to the needy, poor, and working class.

DeSantis won his primary by touting his closeness to Trump.

A Fox anchor later said of DeSantis remarks, "we do not condone this language".

Trump weighed in Wednesday on Twitter saying that not only did DeSantis win but that "his opponent in November is his biggest dream".

The attacks got going Wednesday with President Trump tweeting that Gillum is "a failed Socialist Mayor".

Tallahassee has had one of the highest crime rates in the state the last few years, although it has been going down.

Congresswoman Martha McSally has won the Republican primary for Arizona's open U.S. Senate seat. Is he trying to win at racist bingo or the Governor's race? Gillum won the Democratic nomination in an upset. Billionaire Jeff Greene spent about $38 million of his own money.

Monkey business? Hmmmm. We have the great Howard Hawks screwball comedy of the same name.

In 2014, Gillum was elected mayor of Tallahassee with 76 percent of the vote. He's a gifted public speaker who did well in debates, often receiving the most applause, but the FBI is investigating Tallahassee city hall for alleged corruption. No one has been charged and Gillum has said the FBI told him he's not the focus of the investigation. He went on Fox News to talk about the upcoming race against, Gillum, who would be the state's first black governor if elected in November.

"I think as a Republican, we're focused on free market, growing the economy, support for our military", said Marquez Peterson. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and other national progressive figures, had been trailing a more moderate Democrat in the polls right up until Election Day. Americans are projected to pay more money to health insurers through premiums over the next ten years than they would if they paid taxes in a Medicare-for-all system.

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