Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Iran: Clashes Between Police, Demonstrators on Third Day of Protests

Iran: Clashes Between Police, Demonstrators on Third Day of Protests

For other matters, Switzerland is the nation that officially represents US interests in Iran since the USA cut off all ties after the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Iran's political class places huge emphasis on opposing the U.S. and its influence in the Middle East. As the Trump administration readies to re-impose sanctions on Iran that were lifted by the Obama administration under the nuclear deal, American allies fear greater regional instability.

The timing of the cryptocurrency's introduction couldn't be more important, as the aggressive moves by the Trump administration are already putting a tight squeeze on Iran's suffering economy.

Trump has proven very generous to USA adversaries if they meet in the context of summits, but Iran would have to swallow its pride and some humble pie too if it were to kiss the ring. "I will meet, or not meet, it doesn't matter - it is up to them!"

Trump's move to scupper the nuclear accord in May was widely condemned by co-signatories to the deal, including USA allies like Germany and France who continue to seek pathways by which they can continue pursuing trade relations with Tehran, in spite of the new sanctions.

Nonetheless, on July 31, the USA president told a rally in Tampa, Florida, "I have a feeling they [Iranians] will be talking to us pretty soon - And maybe not, and that's OK, too". The Iranian rial has fallen to 99,000 to the USA dollar despite a government-imposed rate of 44,000. While the Trump administration has said it wants to cut Iranian oil exports to zero by November 4, most analysts viewed that target as unlikely.

Though the United States sanctions post-deal will be unilateral and not as strong as the pre-deal UN-imposed sanctions, fear angering the USA, the world's largest economy, will likely scare off Europeans who are otherwise committed to the deal.

Amid the rapidly-spreading protests, Iran's parliament announced Wednesday it would hold a special session to question Rouhani about the plummeting currency and struggling economy. Iran watchers consider Rouhani a moderate who spent considerable political capital in negotiating with the United States and the West to cast the Iran deal.

Iranian authorities have yet to comment on them and several officials contacted by Reuters declined to comment. They are asking why the national wealth has been squandered overseas on Hezbollah, and in Syria and Gaza, and they want the government to think of their own people first.

Iranians are hunkering down for the return of U.S. sanctions on Monday with a run on gold and hard currency as they scramble to protect their savings, and sporadic protests over the already troubled economy. "I believe in meetings", Trump said on Monday.

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