Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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Jacksonville mass shooting suspect bought gun legally from Maryland

Jacksonville mass shooting suspect bought gun legally from Maryland

Police are still trying to figure out why Katz-who was participating in the competition-started shooting at his fellow gamers. They divorced in 2007.

Katz opened fire Sunday at a gaming bar inside a collection of restaurants and shops in Jacksonville.

David Katz, 24, who lost a Madden football video game tournament at the GLHF Game Bar in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, opened fire on other competitors, killing Elijah Clayton, 22, and Taylor Robertson, 27.

"He did buy the guns recently, but I don't have the exact timetable", Sheriff Mike Williams said.

His mother responded with similar praise, writing: 'I can't begin to thank you for covering my child'. Efforts by the AP to reach them at their homes were also unsuccessful.

He said he didn't know anything about the killer. I just couldn't, ' he said. His mother at one point put his video game equipment behind a locked door, and Katz punched a hole in that door.

A statement posted on Facebook by relatives of 28-year-old Taylor Robertson of Giles, West Virginia, says he was an "extraordinary man" whose world revolved around his wife and their young son. She said Clayton "did not believe in violence". He was prescribed antipsychotic and antidepressant medications, as well. He was admitted to the nearby Sheppard Pratt mental health system for about 12 days in late 2007.

"True is consistently one of the best in competitive Madden", the biography on his profile page said.

On one occasion, according to a document from the father's lawyer, Katz strongly reacted to the notion of going to an appointment and locked himself in the vehicle. They were the closest to me. As a teen he was hospitalized in psychiatric facilities at least twice.

- In an interview with former Buffalo Bills player Steve Tasker, Katz talked about his skill. "David Katz keeps to himself".

Katz legally purchased a 9mm handgun and a.45-caliber handgun back home in Maryland in the last month, according to officials. Katz later turned the gun on himself and was found dead by police when they arrived on the scene. Katz's court records revealed a history of mental illness. She complained to the dispatcher that he was rolling his eyes and laughing.

Kivlen says gamers competing for cash feel pressure, but most still see it as a game. He said Sunday that he didn't think it was gunfire at first. He was eventually sent to a wilderness therapy program in Utah called RedCliff Ascent for almost 100 days.

- The gunman's father is an employee of NASA, according to an agency spokesperson.

Dana Loesch, a NRA spokeswoman tweeted that shooting was a "horrible tragedy" and she blamed gun-free zones. He went on to attend the University of Maryland, though he did not earn a degree. "Congrats to David Katz, the Madden 17 Bills Championship victor!"

Sunday's very bad incident was supposed to have been one of four qualifiers for the Madden Classic, the first major event of the Madden pro circuit's Madden Championship Series (MCS).

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