Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Mattis says no plans to suspend more major exercises on Korean peninsula

Mattis says no plans to suspend more major exercises on Korean peninsula

The announcement had come months after the USA and South Korean forces earlier in the year postponed two Peninsula-wide exercises, Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, in a pledge to downsize military training until the Winter Olympics in South Korea had concluded.

"This includes suspending Freedom Guardian along with two Korean Marine Exchange Program training exercises scheduled to occur in the next three months", DoD said in a statement.

But it's far from clear how infrastructure would be defined under the United Nations sanctions, and the French rail operators told Reuters they had no plans to team up with North Korea.

Trump said on Wednesday there was no reason to resume the exercises but US Defence Secretary James Mattis on Tuesday made remarks that were interpreted as hinting the drills could resume.

President Donald Trump in June suspended what he called "war games" with Seoul, saying he believed Kim "wants to get it done" on denuclearization.

Beijing is Pyongyang's sole major ally, and the main transit country for any goods entering the North. Trump has suggested that China - angered by USA moves on trade - is no longer being as tough as it could be on North Korea.

At the June summit, the first meeting between a serving US president and a North Korean leader, Kim agreed in broad terms to work toward denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

US President Donald Trump has blamed China for the lack of progress during the negotiations about denuclearisation between the US and North Korea. "We will work very closely with [Secretary of State Mike Pompeo] and what he needs done, we will certainly do to reinforce his effort".

The next large joint U.S.

"(The South's) supply of all materials, equipment, and energy is for the convenience of our officials and operation of the office, so we believe (the office) does not undermine the goal of the sanctions as it does not offer economic benefit to North Korea", Foreign Ministry spokesman Noh Kyu-duk said during a regular briefing.

The statement also said that the US trade dispute with China and other differences "will be resolved in time by President Trump and China's great President Xi Jinping".

But beyond returning the apparent remains of about 55 USA troops missing since the Korean War, and its continuing suspension in its missile and nuclear tests, there has been little movement from the North.

"There are ongoing exercises all the time on the peninsula", Mattis said.

"China is the route to North Korea".

With 2,000 USA military personnel in Syria, Mattis also laid out the requirements to withdraw American forces, a goal Trump announced in April when he said he wanted it to happen "very soon".

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with his Indonesian counterpart, . "We'll make decisions on that in consultation with State".

Earlier this week, Trump said he'd asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel a planned trip to North Korea, citing insufficient "progress" towards denuclearization, while also faulting China.

"I think we're doing well with North Korea. Because if he came back empty handed again, then that really could be a dead end", said Abrahamian. We all know the gravity of the issues they're dealing with.

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