Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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Sacha Baron Cohen did a remarkably uncomfortable interview with OJ Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen did a remarkably uncomfortable interview with OJ Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen may be a master of disguise, but one person he interviewed for the "Who is America?" season finale apparently was not fooled.

Sacha Baron Cohen has been taking no prisoners with his Showtime series Who Is America?

After Monaldo's "girlfriend" left the room at the start of the interview, Cohen confessed to Simpson, "She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her".

Sacha donned a costume and became Gio Monaldo, a billionaire playboy and fashion photographer from Milan who was filming his own documentary on his luxury lifestyle.

Asked how he "got away with it", Simpson remarked, "Hey, hey, I didn't get away with nothing".

Simpson waved his hands "no" while laughing, and said, "No, I didn't kill nobody". "Help me!" Simpson laughs. You're not the O.J. the movie star. "We both, how you say it, lady killers", adding that in his native Italian that translates to "somebody who murders women".

"Me and you, we got something in common", Baron Cohen said. troll former Congressman Barney Frank, telling the outspoken Democrat that the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape had been edited in a conspiracy against President Trump and that Hillary Clinton took part in "pizzagate". He then makes multiple references about murdering people and even name drops O.J.'s then-lawyer, Johnnie Cochran.

The Palin interview never aired on the series with no explanation as to why it was cut from Cohen.

Before Palin railed against Cohen, the comedian made headlines last February for reportedly interviewing Simpson - a former football player and actor who is now most famous for being charged with killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and then getting acquitted, only to eventually go to prison for his role in an armed robbery in 2007.

While Simpson stood his ground and asserted that he "didn't kill nobody", thus rendering Cohen's prank somewhat fruitless, many other high profile figures were not so lucky. Now that it's reached its totally-final conclusion, what do you think we learned, if anything?

"Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered", Nicole Brown's sister Tanya said at the time.

"Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife", Simpson responded.

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