Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

United Nations talks to end Yemen war set for September in Geneva

United Nations talks to end Yemen war set for September in Geneva

It added that the raid, blamed on the Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, targeted the city's busy fishing market and port and the main gate of the al-Thawra hospital.

These near-term diplomatic efforts are highly unlikely to succeed given the escalation of force and unwavering positions of both sides.

But their trek to safer areas is perilous as families often find themselves "having to courageous minefields, airstrikes and being forced to cross areas of active fighting all in a bid to escape" the fighting in Hodeida, a statement from the group said. Turki al-Malki said Thursday in a television interview.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a military campaign to restore the internationally recognised government to power and push back the Huthi rebels, who still hold the capital Sanaa.

Reporting to the UN Security Council after the attack, UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths said: "Recently, and despite all our efforts, the pace of war has increased".

Rebel-run media outlets accused the Saudi-led coalition of carrying out the two attacks Thursday, but there was no immediate response from the alliance headed by Riyadh.

He said on his official Twitter account that the consultations "will provide the opportunity for the parties to discuss the framework for negotiations, relevant confidence-building measures and specific plans for moving the process forward".

Mr. Ging said the ports of Hodeida and Saleef remain open and operational.

Saudi Arabia announced Saturday the dismantling of 919 mines in Yemen in two weeks, revealing that Houthis had planted 1 million mines over the past three years.

"The scenes coming from Hudaydah are horrific", the statement said.

He cited the rebels' attacks last week on two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea as an example, as well as the planting of hundreds of naval mines targeting Yemeni ships and fishermen.

Since then, the poor country at the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula has witnessed the "worst humanitarian crisis" in the world, according to the United Nations; hunger and violence persists, while a cholera outbreak has killed over 2,000.

The Houthis have offered to hand over management of the port to the world body, according to the United Nations, but the coalition says the group must quit the western coast.

In Geneva, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that Yemen is likely to be struck by another "major wave" of cholera cases, calling for a three-day truce to allow vaccinations.

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