Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Aaron Rodgers Reveals New Details About Knee Injury

Aaron Rodgers Reveals New Details About Knee Injury

There was adrenaline working for him in the second half, along with a few painkillers probably which helped him get through the game.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy was restrained in his expectations but said with four more days to prepare and knowing Rodgers, he's not ruling anything out. "You have players in different categories".

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (knee) and safety Josh Jones (ankle) also missed the practice. Asked at his locker if it was accurate to say his injury was a sprained knee, Rodgers said, "Sure. say sprained knee". The 14-year veteran said he does not need to practice to play. "We'll take it day by day and learn as we go".

"It's hard whether he's home or away, because he's so good and can really put the ball wherever he wants, from any position on the field whether he's moving right, moving left or staying in the pocket, buying time for his guys, he can make any throw that you can imagine", Smith said Wednesday. He'll be in the rehab group [on Wednesday]. He said his knee is still sore, but that it's improving every day.

"He's always responded, puts a lot of extra time in", McCarthy told reporters. Knowing coach Mike Zimmer, I'd expect plenty of pressure on Rodgers. "We'll see what tomorrow brings", McCarthy said during his Wednesday news conference.

The Packers host the Vikings at Lambeau Field Sunday at noon.

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