Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
Science | By Celia Watts

Climate Change Summit In San Francisco Draws Crowds Of Protesters

Climate Change Summit In San Francisco Draws Crowds Of Protesters

This climate action summit, an initiative by California Governor Jerry Brown, is crucial as it is happening midway between Paris 2015 and 2020, the UNFCCC's timeframe for dealing with mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation and finance.

- Protesters temporarily blocked the streets in San Francisco on Thursday as a Global Climate Action Summit was underway nearby, criticizing California's governor who they say could do more for the environment.

Under President Donald Trump, the United States - the world's second largest greenhouse gas emitter - has weakened the Paris pact by announcing previous year it meant to pull out of the deal.

"There is now a shift in the focus".

They did so by cutting their usage of fossil-fuel-generated energy, growing their public transportation systems and reducing waste, according to C40 Cities, a network of large cities acting as leaders in combatting climate change.

The absence of developing world cities from the list suggests they may need more funding to make needed changes, Hidalgo told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Generate over 65 million new low-carbon jobs in 2030, equivalent to today's entire workforces of Britain and Egypt combined.

California is launching its 'own damn satellite' to track climate pollutants

Romano said that policy decisions by individual governments, such as Trump's reversal of Obama-era fuel efficiency standards, could be "speed bumps" in the growth of EVs, but policies already established in California and the European Union, as well as the quality and falling price of EVs, meant that their use would continue to expand. "Everyone is acting on climate change not only because it is the right thing to do but also because there's a huge economic opportunity". "The idea is to ensure that all challenges issued before the GCAS to investors, businesses and cities don't just end in 2018 but build over the next two years and beyond". 100 percent renewables is great and we applaud that.

"There's plenty of work for him to do on Earth protecting the millions of people sickened everyday by fossil fuel infrastructure", Krowne added.

Business is stepping-forward with 23 multinational companies in EV100, with revenue of over $470 billion, committed to taking fleets zero emission.

Tokyo, Seoul and Rotterdam, meanwhile, joined Paris, London, Barcelona and Mexico City in vowing to run only electric buses by 2025. All new cars and vans will be effectively zero emission by 2040. She is the lead author of a United Nations report released Monday on what businesses, states and local governments can do and already have done.

This includes almost 150 major global companies such as Tata Motors and Sony which have joined the RE100 initiative: collective annual revenues of these companies total well over $2.75 trillion and their annual electricity demand is higher than that of Poland. This culminated with its inclusion in the Paris Agreement outcome where countries welcomed the efforts of these actors to scale up their climate actions and encouraged the registration of these actions on NAZCA.

Almost a fifth of Fortune Global 500 companies have now committed to set science-based emissions reduction targets, including big emitters like India's Dalmia Cement. "And that's what this Global Climate Action Summit is all about". He said the idea is to ensure "a bigger wave from these sectors as we approach the UNSG's Leaders' Summit so that governments will feel a strong wind of support to raise their national climate action plans".

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