Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

Everything Apple didn’t announce at its event: Macs, iPads, and more

Everything Apple didn’t announce at its event: Macs, iPads, and more

The iPhone XR, the handset most people will want to buy this year, will be about a month late to the party.

The company also introduced a lower-cost 6.1-inch (15.5 cm) iPhone XR made of aluminum and with lower screen quality.

Despite all the new sensors, bigger displays, and more powerful processors, the Apple Watch maintain its estimated battery life of 18 hours, so you won't have to worry about it lasting through a day, but it will also not take you much further.

All three new phones are expected to follow the iPhone X design in that there will not be a home button and instead facial recognition technology will be used to unlock the device.

The company has been affected by leaks in the past.

Apple unveiled new products on Wednesday, including a new iPhone and a new iWatch.

In addition, Apple says the Series 4 Apple Watch will also be able to detect when someone falls - and can tell the difference between a trip and a fall.

The preorders for the iPhone XS and XS Max begin on Friday, 14 September and phones will go on sale on 21 September.

In China, the new iPhones will feature two physical SIM cards, while the rest of the world will get a software-based SIM standard using the eSIMs with support from telecom carriers.

The biggest aesthetic shakeup is that the iPhone XR will arrive in no less than six new technicolour finishes, including blue, yellow and red.

Perhaps its most important upgrade is its processor, a new dual-core 64-bit chip that promises to be twice the performance over its predecessor.

The XS will also have a dual camera system, which promises a sharper camera when combined with an A12 bionic chip inside. Countries like the United Kingdom and U.S. will have access to the phone one week earlier as it rolls out on September 21st.

Earlier, Apple Watch Series 3 featured an eSIM and so did the Google Pixel 2 (but only in the United States markets). So we have the flagship XS, the over-sized XS Max and the cheaper XR (starting at $999, $1,099 and $749 respectively, with exactly the same numbers in pounds despite there being 1.3 dollars to the pound).

At the bottom end of the range is a new phone, the iPhone XR, that's meant to replace the iPhone 8 in the lineup.

Apple Watch Series 4 was launched on Wednesday, alongside the new iPhone models.

For those who don't need the bells and whistles, there's the iPhone XR, a pared-down 6.1-inch model with a less impressive LCD display and only a single rear-facing camera, limiting its photographic capabilities. The phone will be available in three color options: silver, gold and space gray.

Weighing these futuristic new features against their hefty price tags, will you be waiting in line to grab your next iPhone or Apple Watch?

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