Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Mueller will allow Trump to give written answers to some Russian Federation questions

Mueller will allow Trump to give written answers to some Russian Federation questions

Special counsel Robert Mueller is willing to accept written responses from President Donald Trump to questions about any potential coordination between his campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election, a person familiar with the ongoing negotiations said Tuesday.

The person familiar with the letter said Mueller's office indicated it would later assess what additional information it needs from the president, leaving open the possibility that Mueller's team might still seek answers on obstruction-related questions in an in-person interview.

The special counsel's office would decide whether to proceed with an interview after receiving the written answers from Trump. For one thing, Trump asserts, Mueller interviewed with Trump for the FBI Director job, and didn't get it, and is presumably disgruntled.

Special counsel spokesman Peter Carr declined to comment Tuesday.

As the Post notes, "Mueller's decision to accept at least some written responses represents a concession to Trump's legal team, which since December has resisted the special counsel's efforts to interview the president". In March, Mueller raised the prospect of subpoenaing Trump if he refused to be questioned voluntarily.

President Donald Trump took his unverified claim that Robert Mueller and James Comey are "best friends" to a new level in an interview - saying the men are so chummy he has photos of them 'hugging and kissing'.

Trump said Mueller and the fired FBI Director were 'best friends, ' although Comey's team has described it as an ordinary office friendship.

"This White House has been the most transparent in history when it comes to investigations or inquiries like this", Sekulow said.

The president could submit written answers to questions about whether his campaign was involved with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Trump: "There were, I mean tremendous conflicts here, you know the conflicts, you've heard the conflicts".

However, in a new interview with the conservative Daily Caller, the president let on he was also disturbed by something equally scandalous, the fact that Comey and Mueller were so chummy that they frequently hugged and kissed each other - and Trump has pictures to prove it.

The most important discrepancy relates to a meeting he had with Comey.

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