Published: Sat, October 13, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Air India flight hits compound wall at Trichy airport

Air India flight hits compound wall at Trichy airport

The jet landed in Mumbai four hours later and pictures of the damaged aircraft went viral on social media soon after it landed safely.

The plane was then diverted to the western city of Mumbai where it landed safely. The pilot and the co-pilot of the aircraft during the incident has been suspended until the investigation is completed.

Photographs and videos show a chunk of the airport's almost five-foot perimeter wall missing. Upon landing, officials said that parts of...

SALT LAKE CITY ― A flight going from Trichy, India, to Dubai was diverted to Mumbai after flying three hours in an aircraft that had received extensive damage during take off, according to CNN. "The pilots reported that the aircraft systems were operating normally and made a decision to continue with the flight", said a source.

All 130 passengers and 6 crew members are safe. The incident reportedly took place around 1:19 am when two of plane's wheels hit the wall.

The pilot, Capt. D. Ganesh Babu, and first officer Capt. Anurag have been suspended from flight duties pending an investigation. The communication was revived after a few minutes with ATC Mangalore that asked the pilots for an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport.

A DGCA official said an internal inquiry has been ordered following the incident, and the pilot and the co-pilot have been derostered as the probe is pending.

Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister N. Natarajan visited the Trichy airport and inspected the damage. In order to have continuous attention towards air safety, the ministry has also ordered concerned officials to put in place a regular "safety compliance report" of all airlines. "Safety of passengers is of paramount importance for us", the Minister said.

Aviation safety consultant Capt Mohan Ranganathan, who was a former instructor pilot of Boeing 737 specialising in wet runway operations training, said "This should be treated not as an incident, but as an accident".

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