Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
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Central Intelligence Agency chief heard recording of Khashoggi murder

Central Intelligence Agency chief heard recording of Khashoggi murder

A spokesperson for Canaccord Genuity Group Inc., whose executive chairman David Kassie is also listed as a 2017 speaker, said they would look into whether the company was attending but then did not respond to further inquiries.

The United States has already taken some steps toward punishing the suspects detained or fired by Saudi Arabia, revoking their visas.

A person familiar with the audio told the Washington Post, for whom Mr Khashoggi was a columnist, it was "compelling", suggesting it would put more pressure on the United States to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for his death.

Central Intelligence Agency director Gina Haspel heard an audio recording of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi during her visit to Turkey this week, two sources told Reuters on Thursday, the first indication Ankara has shared its key evidence.

According to another report published by Turkish newspaper Sabah on October 25, Turkey also shared with Haspel video recordings related to the murder.

British Prime Minister Teresa May said Britain was "taking action against all suspects to prevent them entering the UK".

The Trump administration and the United States defence industry are scrambling to save the few actual deals in a much-touted $110 billion arms package for Saudi Arabia.

She reiterated her earlier call for an independent investigation to "validate" the findings of investigations by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday, the prince called the killing "heinous" and "painful to all Saudis" in his first extensive public remarks on the topic. "The incident will be revealed entirely", he said.

On Tuesday, President Trump - who had accepted the Saudi royal family's original denials of responsibility - said that Khashoggi's killing involved "the worst cover-up in history".

"Information from the Turkish authorities indicates that the act of the suspects in the Khashoggi case was premeditated", the public prosector said.

At a conference in Riyadh on Wednesday, the crown prince said the killing was a "heinous crime that can not be justified" and warned against any efforts to "manipulate" the crisis and drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which are regional rivals but also diplomatic and business partners.

But shock waves over the killing of Mr. Khashoggi, a US resident, continued across the Middle East, posing a major challenge to the Trump administration, which has cultivated Saudi Arabia and its ambitious crown prince as a critical ally in the region.

Whatever the USA response, US ties with its Gulf ally have hit rough waters.

"Well, the prince is running things over there more so at this stage". Vice President Mike Pence, who pledged Tuesday during an interview with The Washington Post that his death "will not go without an American response", said she will brief him and Trump upon her return.

Prince Mohammed's comments Wednesday came at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh.

A number of high profile business and political figures have pulled out of the conference over the death of the journalist, a prominent critic of Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler.

Prince Mohammed, 33, the architect of Riyadh's reform drive, was upbeat on the economy, predicting growth of 2.5 percent this year.

"It is a disgrace that reaches all the way to Crown Prince [Mohammed bin] Salman".

"Mohammed bin Salman needs Trump - his very survival depends on Trump working with him", said Indyk, now at the Council on Foreign Relations.

While addressing the forum on Wednesday, the crown prince also adopted a light tone and joked about allegations that Lebanon's premier-designate Hariri was detained in the kingdom past year, saying he hoped his current visit does not spark "abduction" rumours.

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