Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

IPhone XS Max Not Charging? Try This Fix!

IPhone XS Max Not Charging? Try This Fix!

However, all these solutions might eventually damage the battery on iPhone XS and XS Max devices.

In some cases, the issue can be solved by just getting the phone out of its idle mode. The Defender Pro is the most capable protective case in Otterbox's portfolio thus far, offering excellent protection for either the smaller XS and the larger XS Max.

The Apple iPhone XS Max is powered by a 3174mAh battery, which is somewhat disappointing given the size of the device but is certainly an upgrade over the iPhone X but will certainly benefit from the optimizations with iOS 12.

The issue, which is said to affect recently launched XS or XS Max phones, can be remedied by tapping on the screen to wake the phone up. Therefore, this potential new problem with box-fresh iPhones may end up joining others such as Bendgate, Antennagate and.uh.Slowdown-gate as examples of critical, Apple-specific impacts on their normal use as smartphones. A couple of users had shared their one to one responses from Apple and it was suggested that you should plug in your lightning cable while the phone is awake.

Apple is working on iOS 12.1 software update that is supposed to bring the pending features that were originally announced for iOS 12. Apple India did not respond to an email seeking comment. Some users have reported that one side inexplicably works better than the other. However, ig your iPhone is longer under Apple Care, you should first try out the methods listed below.

The complaint, known as "chargegate" on social media, is that some new models do not start charging automatically when a lightning cable is plugged in if the screen is turned off. It's normally pretty obvious, since the phone chirps at you and the screen turns on by itself, but if it doesn't maybe give it a tap to be sure.

The skin smoothing issue he referenced is also very apparent, as the iPhone X's selfie camera captures clearer details like some of his pores.

Hilsenteger said the problem happens when devices are plugged into a wall socket (not with wireless charging). The main issue is the fact that it remains slower than most premium solutions offered by the competition since the Qi format it uses is set at half the capacity of the standard version, which delivers 18W.

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