Published: Sat, October 13, 2018
Culture&Arts | By Rick Owen

The "iPlane One" Kanye Showed Trump Is Someone Else’s Design Thesis


After playing a series of clips of West's most freaky statements during his almost 10-minute off-the-cuff speech, Kimmel added, "It's like Trump was sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life".

"It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman. I mean, could you be any more condescending to this man?" That's my favorite superhero.

"I tell you what, that was pretty impressive".

"I brought a GIF with me right here, ' West during his meeting with Trump before showing an image on his phone. this right here is the iPlane 1". This is our president. "He has to be the freshest, the flyest" and have "the flyest planes".

Footage of West's latest rant quickly went viral, with many news outlets expressing disbelief.

Summarizing the meeting between the "45th and 46th presidents of the United States", Kimmel said that watching West, "an irrational madman" ranting and raving for almost 10 minutes uninterrupted, was like watching "Trump sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life".

During a press conference before their meeting, West told reporters about the slogan: "So the word "again"-it doesn't hurt us because the idea of racism and slavery, different things; it hurts us because we need to focus on who we are now, today, I believe".

Rolling Stone's website described it as "the craziest Oval Office performance of all time". "Can you imagine if President Barack Obama had Kanye West or any rapper or any person entertainer in the Oval Office who said 'M".

Taking questions from reporters, the rapper also voiced concern about stop-and-frisk policing.

Do you have the same passcode as Kanye? I've reached my limits.

However, others pointed the finger of blame at the president.

During an exchange on Fox Business, host Maria Bartiromo said Kanye was right to drop an f-bomb in the Oval Office because of Clinton and Lewinsky's infamous semen-stained blue dress.

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