Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

Apple's Latest iPad Pro Appears Extremely Bendable, Folds Under Slight Pressure

Apple's Latest iPad Pro Appears Extremely Bendable, Folds Under Slight Pressure

If recent bend tests have you eyeing your new iPad Pro with concern as to how you'll keep it safe in your bag, OtterBox may have the answer. This is the same combo Microsoft is now selling for $799 after a $260 discount, only Micro Center shaves an additional $100 off the latest 2-in-1 Windows tablet with a Signature Type Cover bundled in. As you will see, the anodization is easy to scratch off, and the camera lenses are also easily destroyed. Further, it's highly unlikely the problem is as common as the iPhone 6's 'bendgate' fiasco from back in 2014. For starters, phones are a lot more compact than tablets, which means they should be a lot more durable. However, the ease with which the Apple Pencil cracked in half certainly makes it likely to break if you slide it in a pocket and sit down or drop it and then accidentally step on it.

Apple really wants consumers to see the iPad Pro as their next computer, but what do consumers - at least those who read tech news - think?

JerryRigEverything further mentioned that the bending was seemingly possible because of holds and cutouts found on either side of the Aluminum frame.

After taking a scalpel to the new Apple Pencil and cutting into the screen in a way that hurts our very soul, the bend test is over alarmingly quickly.

Swapping the lightning port for USB Type-C has definitely helped Apple's cause, even though its operating system doesn't support external storage devices. Do you like them extra pliable?

The YouTube channel put the latest iPad Pro through various tests and the tablet did not fare well, most destructive of which was the bend test.

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