Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Bus seen crashing off Chinese bridge after fight between passenger and driver

Bus seen crashing off Chinese bridge after fight between passenger and driver

Thirteen bodies were found and two people were listed as missing.

But the new video, which was recovered from the vehicle's black box recorder system, shows the driver fending off a woman who slaps him in the face and yells at him as he tries to keep driving.

"The investigation showed that a 48-year-old female passenger, surnamed Liu, planned to get off at a certain stop, but the bus had to make a detour and would not arrive there due to road maintenance", reported China's state-run Xinhua news agency.

The wreck was pulled out of the river on Wednesday night by a floating crane.

Due to the loss of control of the bus, which was travelling on a bridge in China, the bus swerved widely and hit a auto before crashing through the bridge railing and plunging around 160 feet (that's just just 20 feet shorter than the recently-inaugurated Statue of Unity, by the way) into the river. The video shows the driver engaging with her and even reaching out his hand to hit her, too.

Fifteen people had been on the bus, including the driver.

The Wanzhou police statement said the behaviour of the driver and the passenger seriously endangered public safety and violated the law. The driver turned his head back several times during the argument. The driver took his right arm off the steering wheel and fought back. After the driver, surnamed Ran, refused to halt the bus, Liu then became enraged and struck Ran with her cell phone before the driver lost control of the vehicle.

Police said on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, a brawl between a passenger and a bus driver was the cause of the bus plunging off a bridge and killing more than a dozen people in southwestern China on Sunday.

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