Published: Tue, November 27, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Christians Decry Trump Administration After Children Are Tear-Gassed At Border

Christians Decry Trump Administration After Children Are Tear-Gassed At Border

Hundreds of Central American men, women, and children walked with banners and baby strollers from the Benito Juarez stadium to the El Chaparral port of entry, on the US-Mexico border.

Over the weekend, violent clashes occurred as the United States attempted to stem the flow of people crossing into the country.

A number of leftist organizations say they're marching to the United States-Mexico border to protest the United States Customs and Border Patrol's efforts to repel a "migrant caravan" that has been threatening to storm and overrun the border between San Diego and Tijuana.

Carla L. Provost, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, told Fox News on November 26 that agents used tear gas to defend themselves.

Border Protection agents launched pepper spray balls in addition to tear gas in what officials said were on-the-spot decisions made by agents.

Mr McAleenan added: "As the events unfolded, quick, decisive and effective action prevented an extremely unsafe situation".

"The facts are, the policy written under President Obama allows us to use tear gas to disperse a crowd that was very risky", he told the network.

Rodney Scott, chief US Border Patrol agent in San Diego authorities had arrested 42 people.

"What I saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to Border Patrol agents and asking to claim asylum", Scott said.

A group of Central American migrants- mostly from Honduras- get over a fence as they try to reach the US-Mexico border
A group of migrants climbed a fence as they tried to reach the US-Mexico border

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen released an official statement regarding the "migrant caravan" members attempting to enter the country illegally this week; saying her Department is prepared to "shut down" ports of entry due to "security concerns".

The scene was reminiscent of the 1980s and early 1990s when large groups of migrants rushed vehicle lanes at San Ysidro and overwhelmed Border Patrol agents in nearby streets and fields.

Most of the migrants stumbled back into camp in the northwestern Mexican city of Tijuana, dirty, scared and with ripped clothes.

"Mexico should move the flag waving migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries", he wrote. Now, Trump has responded to the whole ordeal.

'And once our agents were assaulted and the numbers started growing - you know we had two or three agents at a time facing hundreds of people at a time - they deployed tear gas to protect themselves and protect the border'. Democrats and even some lawmakers in Trump's own party have resisted his calls to fund his proposed border wall. United States border police then fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd of men, women and children. "Far from helping the caravan, they are hurting it", he said in an interview with broadcaster Milenio.

"We did not use kinetic force on any children".

In rare criticism of the migrants, Mexico's National Human Rights Commission said it "reiterates that members of the caravans that cross our country should respect Mexican laws and not engage in actions that affect the communities they pass through".

According to the Times, the border crossing reopened Sunday night.

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