Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

CNN's Acosta owes Trump White House staffer an apology

CNN's Acosta owes Trump White House staffer an apology

Acosta was one of the first reporters Trump called on.

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. You and I have a difference of opinion.

Trump leaned into the microphone and said, "Here we go"? seemingly relishing the confrontation.

Acosta, in a statement, denied Sanders' statement and said he and CNN "won't back down" after the ban. "It's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the United States".

Meghan McCain was also distraught at the discourse on display, posting, "I got 4 hours of sleep last night and can't emotionally deal with Trump's presser right now".

Acosta: "Why did you characterise it as such?"

"I consider it to be an invasion", Trump responded. I think you're wrong, but that's fine.

"No, not at all".

When asked if he had "demonised immigrants" during the midterms campaign, Trump replied: "No, I want them to come into the country". "Why doesn't CNN and all journalists who check and verify everything they report sue trump for slander? They are not only risky, they are disturbingly un-American". "You shouldn't be working for CNN".

"CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them", Trump said.

The heated exchange began after Acosta clung to the microphone and persisted with questions about the president's repeated and angry denunciation of a caravan of poor Central American migrants making their way through Mexico to the USA border. CNN released a statement via Twitter, as did The White House Correspondents' Association.

Despite obvious footage showing Acosta bringing his hand down on the intern's arm to block her from taking his microphone, CNN is standing by their man and doubling down on their attacks of the president.

The frightening future of digital fakery has arrived, in the form of a video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

"Sources with direct knowledge tell Jonathan Swan that since the earliest days of his presidency, Trump has mused about revoking press credentials for reporters who infuriate him", Axios reports.

During the exchange, a White House intern attempted to take a microphone away from Acosta; the White House is classifying his efforts to stop her from doing so as "placing his hands on a young woman". He regularly disrupts press conferences and uses his questions to advocate for issues he feels strongly about.

She continued, saying that reporters are "not supposed to be the story" and adding that she was "frustrated" watching the interaction between Acosta and Trump.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been accused of sharing a video doctored to make a journalist appear more aggressive.

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