Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Fly Jamaica overshoots runway in Guyana

Fly Jamaica overshoots runway in Guyana

Local civil aviation authorities were on Friday investigating an incident involving a Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 aircraft, which overshot the runway at Guyana's main worldwide airport earlier in the day injuring several people officials said.

Images posted on the airport's Facebook page and various sites showed the Fly Jamaica Airways plane appearing to have gone through a chainlink fence, with one of its engines tilted upward and resting on the fencing. There were 128 persons on board, including eight crew members.

Six passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries when the Canada-bound plane returned shortly after take-off.

Boeing Co is looking into the incident, a spokesman said.

Mr Bowen said 120 passengers and crew were on the Boeing 757-200.

Ten people were injured in scenes described as "chaos" as a Boeing airliner carrying 126 people, majority Canadians, crash-landed in Guyana's capital Georgetown on Friday (Nov 9), skidding to a halt just before a steep drop.

He says the captain reported the hydraulics problem minutes after takeoff and got the plane back to the airport safely, but then things got dramatic. An emergency inflatable slide had been deployed from one of the front doors.

Meanwhile up to late Friday, at least ten members of the Guyana Fire Service were being questioned about the removal of personal items belonging to passengers from the Fly Jamaica jet that made an emergency landing.

"Everyone was going insane, screaming, crying for their lives, everything", said passenger Invor Bedessee, describing how some people were injured getting off the flight.

Guyana's Transportation Minister David Patterson said those hurt in the incident had been taken to hospital.

In 2011, a Caribbean Airlines jet carrying 163 people crashed as it landed at the Guyana airport, injuring several passengers. The runway back then was 7,400 but is now being extended to 10,000.

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